Monday, 28 February 2011

Integral medicine

Integral medicine /AQAL- All Quadrants All Levels/ observes medicine from four different dimensions: intentional, behavioral, social, and cultural. The integral medicine that is rapidly developing today is more than ”holistic” medicine. It integrates both ”conventional” medicine and ”alternative” medicine. Conventional medicine treats the illness and alternative medicine treats the person; but integral medicine goes one step further: it treats the illness, the person, and the physician. Integral medicine is a way to help patients more effectively and efficiently; but it is first a way to help the health-care professional handle pressing problems, such as compliance.

„An integrally informed medical practice changes the practitioner first; he or she can then decide which of the treatments-conventional, alternative, complementary, and/or holistic-that he or she wishes to utilize when practicing medicine with integrity. It may include adding new treatments, conventional and alternative; or more conscientiously referring patients to otherquadrant practitioners when an integral diagnosis so indicates. The only item that is constant in all of those is the transformed practitioner. It is the physician who is healed and wholed first, not merely by learning new and complementary techniques, but by inhabiting a new consciousness that makes room for new techniques; and how that integrity then expresses itself in an integrally informed medical practice might vary considerably.” Ken Wilber /developer of the AQAL approach/.


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